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Notification must be received in writing 2 weeks before cancellation by email to

If the withdrawal occurs after the 10th of the month, monthly fees will not be refunded for the month of withdrawal.

The following monthly fees will not be charged. 


  • Registration Fees are non-refundable

  • First/Last Month Startup Class Fees are non-refundable

  • R/R Fee is non-refundable after December 1st

  • Costume Fees are non-refundable after order has been placed 

  • Competition Fees are non-refundable

  • Half Year Little Learners Payments are non-refundable


If a COVID-19 shutdown is issued and classes cannot run in person, all classes will be offered online through ZOOM and the dance year will continue in a virtual format.

Students continuing with their typical class load will be charged fees as normal; there will be no discount offered for online classes should a disruption occur. 

Should a student wish to withdraw, normal withdrawal policies will be in effect.

If a student is unable to attend class(es) because they are symptomatic or in isolation, they can attend through Zoom. Please contact us to let us know if you will be logging on instead of joining us LIVE.

If a teacher is unable to attend class because they are symptomatic or in isolation, a qualified substitute will assume the role temporarily. 

If a COVID-19 shutdown affects competitions and costumes, refunds will only be issued should the competition and costume companies issue them to the studio. Studio South Dance Company Inc. will be responsible for how those credits/refunds are issued back to families. 

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