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Studio South will remain transparent with our fees and payment schedule. All families will understand their financial commitment at the time of registration.


Class Fees: are based on a 35 week dance season and can be paid in full or divided equally over 9 payments. 

  • First payment and Registration Fee due September 10th and are non-refundable. The remaining payments are to be paid by CC Automatic Withdrawal. CC will be processed on the 10th of each month. Cash and e-transfer are only accepted if paying in full. Automatic CC withdrawal is our preferred method of payment.

    • 30 minute class  $550

    • 45 minute class  $600

    • 60 minute class  $700

    • 75 minute class  $800

    • 90 minute class $850

    • Adult full year class  $550

    • Adult 10 class session  $200

    • Sessional classes are priced based on length of class and session. Sessions need to be paid in full before class starts and are non-refundable. 

  • All accounts must provide a valid credit card number to be kept on file to cover any outstanding amounts.


Registration Fees: 

  • Due with first payments and are non-refundable. Registration fees will only be refunded if a student cannot be placed in a class due to low enrolment or scheduling conflicts.  Registration fees will be added to Automatic CC withdrawal. CC will be processed on September 10th. 

    • Individual dancer  $30

    • Family                   $45

    • Adult                     $0

Costume Fees:

  • Competitive and Pre-Competitive classes due in full by October 1st.  Costume fees will be added to Automatic CC withdrawal for October 10th processing. All costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE once costume order has been placed

    • Development and Little Learners $85

      • Development and Little Learners classes due in full by February 1st

    • Pre-Competitive Classes $100

    • Competition Classes $125

    • Adult classes TBA

Note: Costume fees cover the cost of the costume, shipping/handling charges, all custom/duty charges and exchange rates. All costumes are ordered based on a measurement chart and are not custom made. Minor alterations may need to occur and are not covered by your costume fees.


R & R Fees: will cover all dancer’s stage fees for Recital and Competitive Rehearsal. This fee does not include Recital tickets. This fee will also include a digital file copy of 1 Recital Show. This fee will be charged with February fees.  In the case of a withdrawal before December 1st of the current year, the R & R Fee will be refunded. Should a student withdraw after December 1st, the R & R fee will not be refunded. 

  • All Dancers $50

    • Due February 1st

  • Dancers in non-performance classes only are exempt from this fee

  • Adult classes are exempt from this fee


Competition Fees:

  • Due in full by November 1st. Competition fees will be added to Automatic CC withdrawal for November 10th processing.

    • Pre-Competitive classes will be involved in 1 Competition $45/group 

    • Competition classes will be involved in 3-4 Competitions $45/group

      • *Please note certain competitions may require larger competition fees

    • Solos/Duets and Lines will have additional Competition fees

    • Non performance classes $0 



Studio South is not offering any multi-class discounts. Our Jazz technique classes are discounted for those dancers taking a full load of classes. 

We have a family cap fee of $600/month plus GST for class fees. This cap does not include addition choreography for solos/duets/lines and can only applies to monthly class fees.

Example Payment Schedule for One Class

September/Time of registration: 1st payment for Class Fees + Registration Fee

October: 2nd payment for Class Fees + Costume Fees for Competitive/Pre-Competitive classes

November: 3rd payment for Class Fees + Competitions Fees (if class is competing)

December: 4th payment for Class Fees

January: 5th payment for Class Fees 

February: 6th payment for Class Fees + R/R Fee + Costume Fee for Development and Little Learners

March: 7th payment for Class Fees

April: 8th payment for Class Fees

May: 9th payment for Class Fees


All fees subject to GST. 

Fees may be slightly changed at the discretion of the Director.


Thank you for submitting! ATTN: Please check all spam and junk folders for email replies. Inquiries are typically responded to within 1 business day.

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