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Studio South will remain transparent with our fees and payment schedule. All families will understand their financial commitment at the time of registration.


Class Fees: are based on a 35 week dance season and can be paid in full or divided equally over 9 payments. 

  • First payment is due September 10th and is non-refundable. The remaining payments are to be paid by CC Automatic Withdrawal. CC will be processed on the 10th of each month. Cash and e-transfer are only accepted if paying in full. Automatic CC withdrawal is our preferred method of payment.

    • 30 minute class  $575

    • 45 minute class  $625

    • 60 minute class  $700

    • 75 minute class  $800

    • 90 minute class $850

    • Adult full year class  $600

    • Adult 10 class session  $200

    • Sessional classes are priced based on length of class and session. Sessions need to be paid in full before class starts and are non-refundable. 

  • All accounts must provide a valid credit card number to be kept on file to cover any outstanding amounts.


Registration Fees: 

  • These fees will be processed within one week of registration and are non-refundable. Registration fees will only be refunded if a student cannot be placed in a class due to low enrolment or scheduling conflicts.  Registration fees will be charged to the card on file. 

    • Individual dancer  $40

    • Family                   $60

    • Adult                     $0

Costume Fees:

  • Competitive and Pre-Competitive classes due in full by October 1st.  Costume fees will be added to Automatic CC withdrawal for October 10th processing. All costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE once costume order has been placed

    • Development and Little Learners $85

      • Development and Little Learners classes due in full by February 1st

    • Pre-Competitive Classes $100

    • Competition Classes $125

    • Adult classes TBA

Note: Costume fees cover the cost of the costume, shipping/handling charges, all custom/duty charges and exchange rates. All costumes are ordered based on a measurement chart and are not custom made. Minor alterations may need to occur and are not covered by your costume fees.


R & R Fees: will cover all dancer’s stage fees for Recital and Competitive Rehearsal. This fee does not include Recital tickets. This fee will also include a digital file copy of 1 Recital Show. This fee will be charged with February fees.  In the case of a withdrawal before December 1st of the current year, the R & R Fee will be refunded. Should a student withdraw after December 1st, the R & R fee will not be refunded. 

  • All Dancers $50

    • Due February 1st

  • Dancers in non-performance classes only are exempt from this fee

  • Adult classes are exempt from this fee


Competition Fees:

  • Due in full by November 1st. Competition fees will be added to Automatic CC withdrawal for November 10th processing.

    • Pre-Competitive classes will be involved in 2 Competitions $55/group 

    • Competition classes will be involved in 4 Competitions $55/group

      • *Please note certain competitions may require larger competition fees

    • Solos/Duets and Lines will have additional Competition fees

    • Non performance classes $0 



Studio South is not offering any multi-class discounts. Our Jazz technique classes are discounted for those dancers taking a full load of classes. 

We have a family cap fee of $600/month plus GST for class fees. This cap does not include addition choreography for solos/duets/lines and can only applies to monthly class fees. The Family Cap will only apply to student dancers and not to adult classes or extra sessions. 

Example Payment Schedule for One Class

September/Time of registration: 1st payment for Class Fees + Registration Fee (registration fee may have been charged sooner if student registered in spring or summer)

October: 2nd payment for Class Fees + Costume Fees for Competitive/Pre-Competitive classes

November: 3rd payment for Class Fees + Competitions Fees (if class is competing)

December: 4th payment for Class Fees

January: 5th payment for Class Fees 

February: 6th payment for Class Fees + R/R Fee + Costume Fee for Development and Little Learners

March: 7th payment for Class Fees

April: 8th payment for Class Fees

May: 9th payment for Class Fees


All fees subject to GST. 

Fees may be slightly changed at the discretion of the Director.


Thank you for submitting! ATTN: Please check all spam and junk folders for email replies. Inquiries are typically responded to within 1 business day.

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