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Studio Policy

All students and parents/guardians are subject to the following policies of Studio South Dance Company Inc. (the “Studio”). This Studio Policy must be signed through Parent Portal before classes resume September 9th, 2024.


​1. Fees 

All fees collected by the Studio are non-refundable once processed. Fees are determined based on a set number of classes throughout the season. Any fees that are payable in installments are for convenience only and do not correspond to the number of classes in any installment period. In the event of withdrawal, no costume or competition fees will be refunded. 

Fees may be paid by pre-authorized credit card payments that will be processed on the 10th of each month. Fees may be paid by cash or by  EMT only if paid for the year in full before the first class. All Fee information and breakdown is listed on the Studio’s website. All fees will be taken from automatic CC withdrawal unless another form of payment has been set up with the Studio Director. All families need to have a valid credit card uploaded to portal no matter how fees are arranged to be paid.

There will be a $30 service charge for any cheque or credit card payment that cannot be processed.

The Studio will comply with all government mandates that may apply to the operation of classes and class structure. Changes in class structure, schedule, or format may occur throughout the year as a result of government mandates, which may include delivering lessons either partially or entirely online. For clarity, the payment of lesson fees does not guarantee lessons will be held in-person at the Studio. In the event that the Studio is required to make such program changes as a result of a government mandate, no lesson fees will be refunded.  

​2. Third Party Fees 


All fees that are collected by the Studio on behalf of participants and remitted to a third party are collected by the Studio acting in its capacity as agent. The terms and conditions set by the third party apply to the extent that they relate to the collection, use and refund of fees. In the case of a refund from a third party for any reason, the Studio will, in its capacity as agent, forward the fees received back to the individuals they were collected from and on whose behalf they were remitted. The Studio shall determine, in its sole discretion, the method by which any fees shall be disbursed back to the individuals. The Studio shall have no liability to individuals to refund fees back to individuals after the fees have been collected and remitted to third parties in accordance with the stated purpose for the collection of the fees.

3. Withdrawal

Registration is for the full season of classes. Withdrawal during the season is only permitted for a prolonged illness or injury and requires a doctor’s note. Any withdrawal other than injury or illness will result in a $30 withdrawal fee if after September 30th.  Notice of withdrawal must be received by the Studio in writing at least two weeks before the next payment is due. Non-attendance is not considered a withdrawal. Any remaining lesson fees will be cancelled. No fees will be refunded once processed. 

4. Class Cancellations

If the Studio cancels a class, the Studio will use reasonable efforts to schedule a make-up class in accordance with the instructor’s availability and taking into consideration the availability of the students. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled make-up class, no further make-up class will be offered. Classes cancelled for attendance at performances, competitions, or any Studio events may or may not result in a make-up class being scheduled. Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather at the Studio’s discretion, and  make-up classes may be offered. Make-up classes are not guaranteed. 

5. Attendance

Students are expected to attend each scheduled class. Please advise the Studio in advance if a student will be missing a class. Students who are more than 10 minutes late for the start of class may be denied participation in the class at the instructor’s sole discretion. Students who are denied participation in class will be permitted to observe only. Students who knowingly have a communicable disease are not permitted to attend the Studio’s premises or any other premises attended in relation to dance instruction and performances. 

6. Studio Etiquette

The following policies apply at all times at the Studio:

  • Class participation. All students and parents/guardians are expected to be respectful, supportive, and encouraging to each other and to the Studio’s instructors and staff. Students are expected to try their best during each class. 

  • Dress code. All students are expected to have the appropriate attire and shoes for each class. Expectations will be set out by the instructor during the first week of classes. All attire and shoes worn at the Studio must be clean and in an appropriate condition to be worn indoors. Students not dressed appropriately may be denied participation in the class at the instructor’s sole discretion. Students who are denied participation in class will be permitted to observe only. Absolutely no outdoor shoes worn in classes.

  • Lobby etiquette. Please be mindful of classes in session and keep noise to a minimum while in the lobby. All outdoor shoes must be left at the entrance. Parents/guardians of students 3-4 years of age may wait in the lobby while students are in class and are not permitted to observe the class unless expressly invited by the instructor.  All classes have a closed door policy and parents are asked to remain in lobby or drop off and pick up. Our parented Intellidance classes are the only classes that parents are allowed to be present in the room. 

  • Food. Food may only be consumed in the lobby and each student is responsible for cleaning up after eating. Students are not permitted to share food or drinks, and no food or drinks may be left overnight at the Studio. Only bottled water is permitted in the dance studios and all water bottles must be labeled for each student to prevent unintentionally drinking from the incorrect water bottle. Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere at the Studio. Eating in the lobby is only reserved for those students with multiple classes in one evening. 

  • Photography. Parents/guardians are not permitted to take photos or videos at the Studio without the prior consent of the instructor. Students may be photographed at the Studio and at performances, and the Studio is permitted to use any photos or videos for advertising and on its website. 

  • Additional Studio rules. All students and parents/guardians are required to follow all Studio rules that may be posted from time to time. This includes, but is not limited to, all posted signs, published guidelines, and any other information made available relating to expected conduct at the Studio.


7. Photography

Parents/guardians are not permitted to take photos or videos at the Studio without the prior consent of the instructor which may be given in the instructor's sole discretion. Students may be photographed by the Studio (including its employees and independent contractors) at the Studio and at performances. Students and parents/guardians consent to the use and of any and all photographs, visual representations, video, and other media taken of the student and/or the parent/guardian, (collectively, the "Content") in the promotion by the Studio of its products and services, including the Studio's use of the Content in various forms of media, including, but not limited to, its website, advertising, marketing, internal publications, any training or advertising materials, and/or social media. Students and parents/guardians acknowledge that they have no copyright or other rights or interests whatsoever in the Content, including, without limitation, performance rights, and that Studio will own and control all such rights and interests. Students and parents/guardians are not entitled to any compensation whatsoever with respect to the Content. The Students and parents/guardians hereby release the Studio, its affiliates and their respective directors, employees, agents and representatives from any and all claims, losses, costs and liabilities whatsoever, including, without limitation, claims for personality rights, invasion of privacy or any alteration, whether intentional or otherwise, in connection with use of the Content as set out herein, which students and/or parents/guardians or any of their heirs, executors, administrators or assigns may have as a result of any such use.

Anyone wishing to not have their dancer's photo used in any marketing, or social media, please let the office know. We are completely understanding of anyone not wanting their dancer's photo used and we can make a note on your file.

8. Personal Items

The Studio is not responsible for any personal property on its premises that is lost, stolen, or damaged. Students are encouraged to leave all valuables at home. Please limit personal items brought into the studio. Lost and Found items are donated at the end of the season if they are not claimed. 

9. Communication

Communication between the Studio and parents/guardians is important. Our main form of communication is through email. We encourage students and parents/guardians to speak directly to us if there are any questions or concerns. Please raise all concerns with instructors in private either before or after class, or ask to make an appointment to speak at a specific time. Please follow the Studio on Facebook and Instagram. Updates and News will always be posted through these outlets.

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